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Our farm, Santa Rosalía, located in the town of Vizmalo, in the province of Burgos, is a quiet and seductive location for raising our animals and producing our wine.  Whether it be Red-Legged Partridges, or Wagyu cattle, we monitor the entire life cycle of each specimen.  We use a special breeding and handling system, which guarantees the wellbeing of the animal, as well as the food quality and safety of the end product that reaches the consumer.

In fact, and due to its genetic characteristics, the meat of the Wagyu breed is one of the most highly valued and appreciated worldwide, as much for its exquisite taste and tenderness, as for its healthy properties for human beings, given that its meat is very rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  Its flavour, aroma, tenderness and juiciness leaves no-one indifferent.

The Red-Legged Partridge, in being a wild bird and not therefore a commercial or industrial bird such as the chicken, has very reduced and seasonal egg-laying.  It thereby transmits to its eggs all the essential nutrients for life, which make these eggs so special in terms of flavour and richness in essential nutrients.  On the other hand, they are low in cholesterol and fat and are therefore very digestible eggs.

The organic wines we produce come from the very best grapes in our own vineyards which surround the winery.  By performing exclusively organic farming procedures we bring an indisputable quality to our wines, which have been recognised with numerous awards at national and international level.  They are characterised by their natural flavours and aromas, and from being free of chemical contaminants.  Try them and you will notice the difference.

Healthy and also delicious…


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